The director of Crazy Frog creates an exciting film about the journey through the Solar System

Inspiration can come in a variety of forms. But one of the most powerful and impressive of them is art. Video, in all its diversity — from 5-second TikTok videos to hours-long feature films— is now considered one of the most notable forms of entertainment in modern life. This is where art opens up deep ideas and opportunities for us to inspire people.

Recently, a new hero has appeared in the art world, who combines a talented director and a videographer. Erik Wernquist, formerly known as the creator of the cult meme Crazy Frog since the late 2000s, abruptly changed his creative course and gave preference to space themes. One of his latest masterpieces, the short film One Revolution Per Minute, created and produced by him, is a vivid example of his new direction.

This famous animator attracts attention with his incredible creativity, which inspires thinking about outer space and the possibilities of exploring it. The film tells the story of the SSPO Esperanta space station, which travels to different parts of our Solar System. Esperanta was designed to be more than just a space station. Its author describes it as a “hotel” or “cruise ship” for space. In different parts of the film, viewers can notice mirrored walls and relaxing living rooms with filled glasses of wine, created in incredibly impressive detail.

The SSPO Esperanta Space Station from the short film One Revolution Per Minute. Illustration: Erik Wernquist

One of the strongest aspects of this movie is the incredible visual effects. Imagine instant shots when a person gets into the frame, and after several views, you still can’t determine whether this is a real person or just graphic fiction. Scenery of various space objects, including Mars and Saturn, amaze with its beauty and detail. 

Worlds where we’ll be someday

Of course, nothing is perfect, and physical inaccuracies can also be found in this film. One of them is related to the way external objects rotate, which does not correspond to the laws of gravity and the movement of objects in space. But this is a trifle compared to the general impression that this film leaves. The lack of realism is easily forgiven immediately, as the film is so breathtaking that it makes you feel like you are in an objectively different world.

Recall that this film makes it possible to recall another spectacle that struck the community a few years ago – Wanderers. This documentary, voiced by the outstanding astronomer Carl Sagan, tells about the exploration of the Universe. It should be noted that this film was also created by the same Erik Wernquist. Therefore, we can easily say that he has become one of the most inspiring directors for anyone interested in space research. May he continue his journies to “sights [he’d] like to see from places [he’ll] never be.”

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