TESS telescope found an ocean planet

An international team of researchers has announced the discovery of a previously unknown exoplanet TOI-1452 b. The available data indicate that it can be completely covered with liquid water. 

Ocean planet in the artist’s image. Source: Benoit Gougeon, Université de Montréal

The exoplanet was discovered during the analysis of data collected by the TESS telescope. It managed to detect systematic changes in the brightness of a red dwarf, which is part of a binary star system located at a distance of about 100 light-years from Earth. Subsequent observations confirmed that they were caused by transits of an invisible companion and allowed to determine its characteristics.

TOI-1452 b orbits one of the red dwarfs (they are separated by a distance of 97 AU) with a period of 11.1 days. Its radius is 70% greater than the radius of the Earth, and the equilibrium temperature is 53 °C. Astronomers also managed to determine the approximate mass of TOI-1452 b. Its mass exceeds the mass of our planet by 4.8 times.

During the subsequent analysis, the researchers came to the conclusion that TOI-1452 b is not just larger than the Earth, but also differs from it by a much higher content of volatile components. 70% of the surface of our planet is covered with water, but at the same time it accounts for only 1% of its mass. In the case of TOI-1452 b, water can be up to 30% of its mass. If the researchers’ calculations are correct, it is an ocean planet — a world completely covered with water and, apparently, having no land.

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According to https://phys.org

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