Strange electromagnetic interference was detected over Crimea

The European Sentinel-1 SAR satellite got a radar image of the Crimean Peninsula, which showed wide bands of electromagnetic interference. Experts believe that this is a kind of Russian radar.

A satellite image from November 24 showing obstacles. Source:

Satellite images of the Crimean Peninsula

Unusual electromagnetic activity is observed over the Russian-occupied Crimea. At least, experts make such a conclusion based on radar images obtained by the Sentinel-1 SAR satellite last week. 

The images show lines of flares near Sevastopol, which form a rectangle measuring several tens of kilometres. It is visible in the images obtained on November 23 and 24. They were published on the X network this weekend.

Also, similar flares were recorded near Yevpatoria. SAR satellites receive images by emitting radio waves and catching their echo from objects on the Earth’s surface. However, this time something on the surface was emitting at the same frequency and this created flares in the images.

Image from November 23. Source:

What could cause interference

Experts are not sure what can cause such powerful interference. It can be either some kind of powerful electronic warfare system or a radar. Russia has several powerful systems capable of creating such an effect.

In particular, experts name the Voronezh system as a possible source of flare. It is stationary, and although it is intended to detect targets, it can simultaneously create even more extensive interference than has been detected.

Another possibility is the Nebo-M system. It is placed on a car chassis and although it is not as powerful, it is also capable of creating the picture that has been observed. In any case, the observed flare indicates that the occupiers are afraid of drone and missile attacks and are doing everything to avoid them.

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