Despite the anomaly in the operation, the space tug managed to deploy satellites in orbit

The Momentus space tug Vigoride-3, launched back in May, was able to overcome the consequences of an anomaly that prevented it from completing tasks on time. It deployed four small satellites in orbit.

Vigoride-3 tug deployed satellites in orbit. Source: Momentus

Momentus tug deployed satellites in orbit

The private company Momentus announced that it had managed to launch four client satellites from its space tug Vigoride-3 into the specified orbits on August 2. This device was launched into space during the SpaceX Transporter-5 mission, but a few days after that, an accident occurred on board and it was able to complete the task only with respect to two client satellites. 

And now the company’s representatives said that in July they managed to overcome the malfunctions and launch four more satellites from the tug, thus ensuring the relative success of the mission. Momentus engineers stated that they had found the cause of the anomaly, but did not provide any details on it.

What is the Vigoride-3 mission

Launched by the private company Momentus, the Vigoride-3 mission is primarily a demonstration one. It was intended to show the company’s ability to launch small client satellites into specified orbits. In total, the device carried 7 PocketQube satellites of the Spanish company FOSSA Systems, engaged in the development of the “Internet of Things”.

There was also a small dual SelfieSat device on board, developed by the Norwegian student organization Orbit NTNU. Of all these satellites, only six have been put into orbit. However, the company’s engineers still consider the demonstration a success and are preparing for a new launch.

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