SpaceX successfully repelled all Russian attacks on Starlink satellites

The head of the Pentagon confirmed the recent statement by Elon Musk that SpaceX has successfully protected its satellite broadband Internet service Starlink from Russian hacker attacks. On March 25, Musk announced on Twitter that all such attempts by the Russians had been successfully thwarted.

Dave Tremper, director of electronic warfare for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, said he was impressed by how quickly and effectively the attacks were repelled.

Russia tried to jam the Starlink satellites. Photo: CNET

“The Starlink team reacted quickly and added a few lines of code, which helped to effectively repel the hacker attack. The way they did it quickly, it just stuns me,” Tremper said during the C4ISRNet virtual conference on defense issues.

Tremper called Starlink’s protection an “interesting case study.” He also added that the military can draw lessons from how the team quickly repelled the attacks and solved emerging problems. 

“The military needs to have the same maneuverability as the Starlink team,” he added.

The Klitschko brothers receive Starlink receivers that have arrived in Ukraine. Photo: TSN

After Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov turned to Elon Musk for help. In response, the billionaire and founder of SpaceX provided Starlink service and sent 5,000 Internet terminals to Ukraine to provide Internet access to people living in rural areas or regions where fiber optic cables and cell towers were damaged or missing.

According to CNET

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