Space debris live: Satellite photographs the spent stage of a Japanese rocket

HEO Robotics has published a picture taken by one of the satellites equipped with its sensor. It demonstrates the spent upper stage of the Japanese H-II rocket. 

The spent stage of the Japanese HII-A rocket. Source: HEO

The photographed stage has been in space since 2012. It was used to launch four satellites. After the payload was put into orbit, it remained in low-Earth orbit. Now the height of its perigee is 577 km, its apogee is 647 km.

The picture of the stage was taken as part of a demonstration of the possibilities. HEO Robotics offers its space debris survey services to various customers. They will assess its condition and the degree of danger.

The spent stage was photographed from a distance of 25 km. Its length is 9.2 meters, its diameter is 4 meters, and the resolution of the published image is 0.1 m/pixel. Judging by the photo, the stage has retained its integrity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the head fairing of the H-IIA rocket, which also remained in orbit after launch. In 2022, it collapsed, which led to the formation of over 50 fragments.

Recall that recently, HEO Robotics also published images of the doomed ERS-2 satellite. It burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere on February 21, 2024.

According to https://www.heospace

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