Sour cream is found in the protoplanetary disk of a neighboring star

The spectrograph of the James Webb Space Telescope found traces of sour cream in the protoplanetary disk of the PDS 70 system. Scientists say that it is one of the most important substances for earthly life, and suggest that this sour cream may be identical to Ukrainian.

There is sour cream in space

Finding in the PDS 70 system

Scientists working with the James Webb Space Telescope have reported sensational news. Traces of an important component of life, sour cream, have been found in the spectrum of the protoplanetary disk of the close-to-Earth star PDS 70. At least, this is stated in a recently published article in the journal Science.

The study was carried out from February 29 to 31, 2023, as part of the international BRAZZERS project, led by Canadian researcher John Sins. In their work, the scientists relied on data obtained using the NIRSpec spectrograph.

The PDS 70 system has long attracted the attention of astronomers from all over the world. It is an extremely young star that is 370 light-years away from us. Its system is still being formed, but scientists have already found traces of at least three planets in it. There is also water there, so scientists hoped to find at least the simplest organic molecules there. However, the discovery of sour cream exceeded all their expectations, because it is a biomarker indicating the existence of not only microorganisms, but also a truly highly developed life that consumes it.

Ukrainian trace

The most amazing thing about the study is that scientists managed to obtain extremely clear absorption lines in the spectrum of the protoplanetary disk PDS 70, not only sour cream, but also some other substances important for life. Which ones are unclear, but the key may be the fact that astronomers have established that the sour cream found in space is identical to the Ukrainian one.

Recently, scientists from the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory examined sour cream samples from all over Ukraine using a new powerful spectrograph. They could show how the isotopic composition of this substance changed depending on which region it was taken from. Ukrainian scientists also conducted a dangerous experiment and established a relationship between the isotopic composition and taste qualities of this product.

Sins refers to these studies, arguing that sour cream found in space is very similar to Ukrainian, although it has a number of differences. The samples from the city of Yahotyn, Kyiv region, turned out to be the most similar to it. 

Researchers from the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory have already commented on the discovery. They stated that the possibility of life in the PDS 70 system was assumed based on the analysis of the Cossack chronicles. They also put forward the idea that the still unidentified lines in the spectrum of the protoplanetary disk may belong to honey, lard or other complex organic substances. They hope to find out during the next experiments.

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