Sony Star Sphere will allow anyone to get photos from space

Sony describes the Star Sphere project as a way to open up new space perspectives previously available only to astronauts. Thanks to the initiative of a Japanese company, anyone can take a photo of the Earth from space using remotely controlled orbiting camera satellites. To realize its vision, Sony is collaborating with the University of Tokyo and JAXA to develop and operate satellite and ground systems, as well as to commercialize the space project.

According to the company, Star Sphere does not just make it possible to get photos from space that can be viewed from a computer or smartphone, but actually allows anyone to control a tiny satellite: adjust the desired angle, independently take pictures from it, which can then be used for anything. The result will look as if a person actually photographed the Earth’s surface from space. 

Sony Star Sphere satellite. Image: Sony

“You can take your own space photography and video shooting with an exclusive camera from the most incredible viewing angle,” Sony commented on its project.

Shooting Simulator

The Star Sphere nanosatellite will orbit the Earth and allow photos to be taken along its trajectory using what Sony describes as a “shooting simulator”. The user will be able to control the spatial orientation in real time and see everything that falls into the eyepiece of his lens.

Star Sphere will orbit at an altitude of 500-600 km above the Earth. The satellite will offer users the opportunity to choose one of 16 possible orbits, each of which is completed in about 90 minutes. The satellite is equipped with a Sony full-frame camera and a 28-135 mm f/4 lens. Users can fully customize the camera, for example, change the ISO, diaphragm and shutter speed at their discretion. 

The cost of access time to Star Sphere remains one of the biggest questions regarding Sony’s recently announced service. The company has not yet provided any information on this. The good news is that the company plans to launch the service this year, but at first it will only be available in the United States and Japan. Those interested can already register on the Star Sphere website.

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