SETI project received USD 200 million to search for aliens

The SETI Institute engaged in the search for evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence received additional funding in the amount of USD 200 million from the estate of Franklin Antonio. It is expected that this contribution will support further scientific efforts in the search for alien life beyond our world.

The SETI Institute uses the ATA antenna array (Allen Telescope Array) to listen to signals from space and search for artificial signatures in them. Photo: SETI

Franklin Antonio was the co-founder and chief scientist of Qualcomm, a leading company in the field of research and development of wireless telecommunications. The hard-working inventor, owner of hundreds of patents, died on May 13, 2022 at the age of 67. He was a big supporter of the Institute’s work for more than a decade.

“Guided by our core mission and Franklin Antonio’s vision, we now have the opportunity to elevate and expedite our research and make new discoveries to benefit all humanity for generations to come,” Bill Diamond, president and CEO of the SETI Institute, said in a press release.

ATA Observatory. Photo: SETI

The SETI Institute uses the ATA antenna array (Allen Telescope Array) to listen to signals from space to search for artificial signatures in them that would hint at the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations trying to get in touch. In addition, it studies exoplanets to discover those on which life may exist. It is clear that such long-term research costs a lot of money, so a recent donation will be very useful.

SETI projects traditionally rely on limited government grants and private donations. Antonio’s investment will allow the Institute to expand the scope of its research, including launching more space missions and developing new educational programs. It will also support the creation of scholarships for young scientists, promote global research partnerships, and help develop innovative observation technologies and analytical tools. The organization also plans to modernize the ATA telescope.

SETI Institute plans to upgrade ATA Observatory

“The funding will provide our teams the freedom to pursue their own science priorities, and to examine the technological, philosophical and societal impact of their research on our daily lives here on Earth,” explained Nathalie Cabrol, director of the Carl Sagan Research Center at the SETI Institute.

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