Satellite images: what happened to the Russian ships Yamal, Azov and Ivan Khurs. Updated.

On March 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian ships Azov and Yamal and Ivan Khurs, aa well as the communications center of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the occupied Crimea. The published images confirm damage to the ground facility. But with ships, not everything is so simple. 

Russian ships in Crimea. Source:

New attack on Crimea

On the night of Sunday, March 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck Sevastopol, occupied by Russian troops. Local residents reported numerous explosions. A little later, it was reported that two landing ships and a communications center of the Black Sea fleet were hit. It was unclear how true this was, since no videos or photos from the site appeared on the network.

However, now the consequences of the Ukrainian strike can be assessed using satellite images. The first pair was published by the Radio Liberty project Schemes (Skhemy). The images are dated March 21 and 24, and they clearly show the same communication center. The first photo shows the whole building, but the second one shows that its roof has collapsed.

The communication center is on March 21. Source: Schematics

According to representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there were several dozen occupiers in the communication center. All of them are dead or injured. This center played an important role in coordinating the work of the Black Sea Fleet. Now, according to the Ukrainian military, the occupiers’ management system is not working, but they are trying to restore it.

Have the Yamal, Azov and Ivan Khurs been sunk?

With the defeat of the large landing ships Yamal and Azov, everything is much more complicated. The only satellite image of them available at that moment was published by independent OSINT investigator Tyler Rogovey on his X page (former Twitter). There is only one image, and it is supposedly dated March 24, although there is no indication of this in the image.

There is no certainty in media reports about how badly the enemy ships are damaged. Some of them report their sinking, some only report damage. The image clearly shows the Sevastopol Bay and both ships afloat. However, there are signs of damage next to both ships. One is on the pier, and the other is on the floating dock.

The communication center is on March 24. Schemes Source

Dark spots are visible near both ships, which may well be oil leaks. In addition, several tugboats are visible next to the ship, which is located near the floating dock. According to the same Rogovey, they were in the parking lot at the time of the strike, because the Russians stopped all operations on the Black Sea after the sinking of the ship Sergei Kotov on March 8. 

The damage to the ships is not visible in the photo, but this does not mean anything. Judging by the tracks, the hit was near them, therefore, they could have received serious damage from the debris. At the same time, the traces of damage on the dock and the pier are quite weak, so there is a suspicion that the strike was not inflicted by Storm Shadow, but by something that has a much smaller caliber.

Damaged ship Ivan Khurs. Source:

But the reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs seems to have really suffered serious damage. It also stood at the pier and was hit by two missiles. One of them crashed into the ground, but the second hit its stern. This was confirmed by a pair of photos, one of which dates from March 23, and the second from March 24.

According to

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