Satellite images: Russia lacks tanks

Images of a military storage facility hidden in Russian Siberia show a noticeable decrease in Soviet-era vehicles that are stored there. Comparing these data with information about the re-export of spare parts from abroad, experts conclude that the aggressor country lacks tanks.

Images of the tank storage after the invasion. Source:

Satellite images of tank storage

Satellite images available using the Google Maps service indicate that the number of tanks has decreased at one of the world’s largest storages of army equipment, which is located in Buryatia during the large-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is reported by the British edition — The Telegraph.

To confirm its words, it cites satellite photos of a military facility hidden in the depths of Russian Siberia. The images, which date back to the time before the large-scale invasion, showed that about 3,840 pieces of equipment were stored in open areas at that time.

And the photos taken in November 2022 indicate that there are no more than 2,600 units of vehicles left. That is, the reduction is 40 percent. Moreover, these are quite old tanks that were produced during the Soviet Union and stored for several decades. It is quite possible that only those of them that were not subject to restoration remained in the autumn of last year.

Photos of the tank storage before the invasion. Source:

Does Russia have enough tanks

From all of the above, experts conclude that the aggressor country is sorely lacking tanks. This is very well consistent with the reports of their huge losses suffered during the invasion. 

In March 2023, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced that the production of tanks was planned to increase to 1,500 per year. And the main manufacturer of tanks of the aggressor country, Uralvagonzavod, really stopped producing civilian products and focused on the military.

But obviously it was not possible to establish large-scale production, because Russia began a large-scale re-export of spare parts. Now the units of combat vehicles sold to Myanmar and India are being bought and returned to Russia.

According to

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