Satellite images: Dust from the Sahara reached Ukraine

The dust that rose from the Sahara reached Ukraine. This is reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center with reference to satellite images taken by the EUMETSAT platform. This can cause an exacerbation of respiratory diseases, but you should not panic.

Dust from the Sahara covers Europe. Source: Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center

Dust from the Sahara Desert reached Ukraine

The Ukrainian sky is covered with a cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert. This is not an April Fool’s joke, but you shouldn’t panic about it either. This is reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center on its official Facebook page. Confirmation of this news is an image taken by the EUMETSAT satellite.

This spacecraft specializes in monitoring the state of the atmosphere and it has been monitoring the situation for several days. But the wave of warm air, which has been providing unusually warm weather not only to Ukraine but also to the whole of Europe for several days, has also brought problems.

Just a few days ago, residents of France, Switzerland and the southern part of Germany watched as the daytime sky above their heads dimmed. Yesterday, this phenomenon was seen over the western regions of Ukraine, and today it has spread to the rest of the territory. In particular, there is already a white veil in the Kyiv Oblast, through which the Sun is visible.

The morning of April 1 in the Kyiv Oblast. Photo: Volodymyr Halaidiuk

Don’t be afraid

The first thing to know about this situation is that it’s not forever. In a few days, the dust will settle on the ground and the sky will clear. It will be possible to admire the stars again. However, this process can have negative consequences. The particles that are currently high in the sky will descend slowly.

They are small and will be blown by the wind near the ground for some time. If they get on the mucous membranes of the human body, they can cause irritation, so in the coming days, try to go outside less and do not leave the windows open. People with chronic diseases of the respiratory system should be especially attentive.

But there is nothing unusual about this phenomenon at all. The Sahara is the largest desert on Earth and storms in it are a common occurrence. At this time, the dust rises into the upper atmosphere and in this form can travel thousands of kilometers. On the territory of Iraq, Iran, Brazil and even the southeastern states of the United States, such phenomena are observed regularly and have never led to absolutely catastrophic consequences, although some photos are really frightening.

So far, the dust of the Sahara has not flown into Europe so often. However, gradually the climate of our planet is changing, and with it the nature of the movement of air masses. It is quite possible that such phenomena will soon become more frequent on the territory of Ukraine than before. This will not lead to an increase in the radiation background or the beginning of real dust storms.

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