Satellite Captures Destroyed Planes in Pskov

The “Schemes” platform has published satellite images of an airfield in Pskov, captured by satellites from the company Planet Labs. The images show several seriously damaged Il-76 planes. These are the aftermath of an attack by Ukrainian drones on August 30.

Damaged planes at the Pskov airfield. Source:

Damaged planes in satellite images

Satellites from the American company Planet Labs confirm the damage to the Russian Il-76 planes at the Pskov airfield. This was reported by the Schemes project of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. This team has repeatedly published exclusive satellite photos that highlight the most important moments of the war in Ukraine.

This time, the images were obtained shortly after the Ukrainian drone attack on the airfield on August 30. The photos clearly show military transport planes standing in their places, but with large openings near the wings on their fuselages.

Experts state that, based on the images, at least two planes will require extensive repairs lasting 2 to 3 months. Additionally, two large vehicles resembling fire trucks are visible on the runway near them. This indicates that there might have been a fire.

Damaged plane. Source:

Attack on the airfield

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the airfield in Pskov on the morning of August 30. According to media reports, the attack was carried out using drones targeting the military transport planes based there. Simultaneously, a series of strikes were made on some other military targets in Russia.

According to reports from the Ukrainian Air Force, at least four Il-76 military transport planes were destroyed as a result of the attack. It was these planes that were supposed to deliver paratroopers to the Gostomel airfield in February 2022.

Furthermore, Ukrainian military officials stated that they might have damaged other planes as well, but they cannot confirm hits due to high cloud cover that obscures parts of the airfield.