Salary of USD 152,000 and chance to land on Mars: NASA announced the recruitment of astronauts

If your cherished dream is to land on Mars, then you have a chance. NASA has officially opened the doors to the next set of astronauts. This is an extraordinary chance for selected candidates to travel not only to the Moon, but also, possibly, to the Red Planet. Prospective candidates are invited for an interview at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

With its statement, NASA reveals plans for the further development of the Artemis program, which aims to return people to the moon. If successful, the way will be paved for future manned flights to Mars.

Astronauts on Mars. Illustration: Gencraft

However, those interested should understand that strict requirements will be put forward for candidates. What does NASA require from potential Martian astronauts, who will receive a salary of 152 thousand dollars a year:

  • Be a US citizen;
  • Have a Master’s degree in STEM (including engineering, biological sciences, physics, computer science, or mathematics) from an accredited educational institution;
  • Have at least three years of relevant professional experience after completing the studies;
  • 1000 flight hours for pilots, of which at least 850 hours on jet aircraft;
  • Successfully complete physical training for NASA astronauts, which is very grueling.

In addition, the requirement for a master’s degree can be met through alternative qualifications such as two years of study in an appropriate doctoral program, obtaining a medical degree, or enrolling in a nationally recognized test pilot training program. In addition to academic and professional qualifications, candidates must demonstrate the necessary leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

One of the requirements for future astronauts is to be a U.S. citizen. Photo: Unsplash

At the first stage of the interview, only half of the applicants who will get into the second stage of the selection will be chosen. Finally, several selected people will become candidates for NASA astronauts. They will undergo an intensive two-year program, mastering the fundamental skills of astronauts, such as spacewalking, staying in the tight conditions of spacecraft, piloting training jets and controlling robotic arms.

If you are ready to put on a spacesuit and become part of the next generation of space explorers, have time to apply by April 2, 2024, on the official NASA website.

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