Russia to launch satellite for Iran, but first use it against Ukraine

Russia is preparing to launch the Khayyam satellite for Iran. Tehran intends to use it to track targets in the Middle East. But first it is used against Ukraine. 

Russia is going to use an Iranian satellite against Ukraine. Source:

Roscosmos to launch satellite for Iran

On August 9, Roscosmos is going to launch a satellite for Iran. The device is called “Khayyam” in honor of an outstanding mathematician of the XII century, but its goals are far from scientific. It will be an intelligence apparatus that will allow Tehran to track targets in the Middle East. Of course, its main target will be Israel.

The agreement between Russia and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on this satellite was signed last year. It assumes that Russia will not only build and launch the device, but will also ensure its operation for four years. 

The main equipment of the Khayyam satellite is the Canopus-V system, which contains a high-resolution camera. According to American intelligence, it is able to distinguish details on the surface of the Earth with a size of 1.2 meters. This is much less than that of modern satellites using Western countries. But it’s still much better than anything Iran has had so far. For example, the Ukrainian satellite “Sich 2-30”, launched in January this year, had a resolution of about 7 meters.

Use of the satellite against Ukraine

However, Russia has already made a statement that it will transfer control of the Khayyam to Iran only in a few months. And before that, it will be used to monitor the territory of Ukraine and support its troops on Ukrainian territory.

Iran, despite the successful launches of the Zuljanah rocket, cannot provide itself with reconnaissance satellites. The Noor-1 spacecraft, launched into orbit in 2020, has not started working properly.

But Iran is successfully producing military drones and has already signed a contract to supply them to Russia to prolong the aggression against Ukraine. So in fact, in this conflict, it acts as an ally of Putin.

All this is happening against the background of the latest attempt by Western countries to abandon Iran’s own nuclear program. But it is impossible to target atomic bombs and not influence the course of events in Ukraine that frighten Washington more. Tehran’s transfer of data on Israel to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah is considered a clear threat there.

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