Ridiculous nonsense: Astronaut analyzed the space flight scene in F9: The Fast Saga

The ninth part of the blockbuster franchise, F9: The Fast Saga, shown in theaters in 2021, is a really action-packed movie that has a lot of connoisseurs. But if we analyze it from the point of view of science, it turns out that it has nothing to do with reality at all.

Pontiac Fiero 1984 goes into orbit in the movie F9: The Fast Saga

The audience strongly remembered an unusual scene in which two characters, played by Tyrese Gibson and Christopher Bridges, went into space on a homemade spacecraft made from a 1984 Pontiac Fiero, which took off from an airplane and went into Earth orbit on rocket boosters. 

In the latest Vanity Fair video, Canadian veteran astronaut Chris Hadfield viewed this scene and pointed out several obvious inconsistencies between the real space experience and what was shown in the film. He expresses his passion for the series, and was pleased with F9: The Fast Saga. However, he points out the shortcomings in the movie’s reproduction of space travel, especially in how quickly the characters get into orbit. He notes that in reality, it would have taken much longer than the  movie. Chris Hadfield also emphasizes the absurdity of using a manual transmission in a spacecraft, which is absolutely unrealistic and does not meet modern standards of space technology.

The reaction to the view of the Earth from space was really conveyed realistically

It is important to note that the idea to send the heroes of the F9: The Fast Saga franchise into space originated as a joke but became part of the film thanks to the serious efforts of director Justin Lin. Although the film may not claim to be scientifically reliable, it is intended primarily to entertain the audience and give them a pleasant feeling after watching it. In this case, the authors really managed to hook the audience because the film captures the emotional reaction of the characters when they look at the Earth from space, reminding us how vulnerable and beautiful our world is. This moment was also noted by Chris Hadfield: “I liked the scene when the characters suddenly begin to observe the Earth from space. The beauty of this spectacle and the emotions they express at this moment feel exactly like this when you first find yourself in space.”

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