Powerful thunderstorm impresses astronauts aboard the ISS: Video

Private astronaut Marcus Wandt shared an impressive video taken from the International Space Station (ISS). In this video, you can see a powerful thunderstorm from space. These frames show numerous flashes among the clouds, indicating a powerful storm.

“Thunderstorms are a powerful and beautiful phenomenon that can be observed, including from space,” Wandt wrote in his online post.

The astronaut said that he witnessed a thunderstorm while working on the Thor-Davis experiment. The experiment tests a new camera in space for more detailed observations of thunderclouds and examines the effect of lightning in the upper atmosphere on the concentration of greenhouse gases. 

The experiment includes a Davis 346 neuromorphic camera attached to a Nikon D5 SLR camera for manual control, and two cameras that are controlled by an AstroPi device based on a Raspberry Pi computer board. Using just a few watts of power, a specialized Davis camera can record the equivalent of 100,000 images per second.

ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen used this camera in early 2023 to capture a red sprite, a stunning temporary light event that occurs above thunderclouds. Wandt didn’t seem to notice the red sprites during his stay in space, but he took many amazing photos of Earth and some very impressive shots from inside the ISS.

Wandt was part of the Axiom-3 crew, which spent more than two weeks aboard the ISS as part of a mission organized by Axiom Space. The mission ended on February 9, after which the crew successfully returned to Earth.

During his stay on the ISS, Wandt was engaged in scientific experiments in microgravity and took spectacular pictures of the Earth, flying over various geographical objects.

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