Photo of the day: Mars rising over the Moon

Famous astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has published a new, very spectacular image. It shows the rise of Mars over the Moon.

The appearance of Mars due to the lunar disk. Source: Andrew McCarthy

The unique photo was taken during the moon’s occultation of Mars on December 8. In astronomy, this term refers to an event during which, from the observer’s point of view, one celestial body passes in front of another celestial body, obscuring it completely or partially.

McCarthy’s image shows the moment when Mars reappeared from behind the Moon. According to the astrophotographer, he used his most powerful telescope and a special high-speed camera to get the image.

A remarkable feature of the past disappearance was that in time it coincided with the full moon, as well as the opposition of Mars — the moment when the Red Planet is at a minimum distance from Earth. Thanks to this, some details of the Martian surface can even be discerned in McCarthy’s photo.

Earlier, Andrew McCarthy created a 174-megapixel portrait of the Moon, and also photographed a record plasma emission on the Sun.

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