On the losing end: Astronomers find a pair of hot Jupiters near the red giants

An international team of researchers announced the discovery of a pair of previously unknown exoplanets. They orbit the red giants.

Exoplanet of the red giant in the artist’s image. Source: ANU

The discovery was made during the analysis of data collected by the TESS space telescope. Subsequently, the existence of exoplanets was confirmed as a result of measurements of radial velocities performed by ground-based observatories. 

The discovered exoplanets were designated TOI-4377 b and TOI-4551 b. They orbit red giants located at a distance of 1,486 and 704 light-years from Earth. Both worlds are hot Jupiters. The radius of TOI-4377 b is about 1.35 Jupiter radius, and the mass is about 0.96 Jupiter mass. Its orbit passes at a distance of 0.058 AU (8.6 million km) from the star, it makes one orbit in 4.38 days.

As for TOI-4551 b, its radius is about 6% larger than the radius of Jupiter, and its mass is estimated at 1.49 Jupiter masses. It is located at a distance of 0.1 AU (15 million km from the parent star) and spends 10 days on one orbit. 

As for the stars TOI-4377 and TOI-4551, their masses are 1.36 and 1.31 solar, respectively. They are about 3.5 times the size of the Sun. The age of TOI-4377 is estimated at 3.88 billion years, TOI-4551 is about 1 billion years older. 

The find is of considerable scientific interest. Astronomers do not know so many exoplanets today that orbits at such a short distance from the red giants. These stars are gradually expanding, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the worlds orbiting them.

According to https://phys.org

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