New theory: Universes constantly absorb each other

Our universe is growing at an increasing rate. Recently, scientists have suggested that dark energy is not the only possible explanation for this phenomenon. Perhaps we are constantly faced with newborn realities and absorb them.

Does our reality absorb newborn universes? Source: MrBeliever on Pixabay

Expansion of the Universe

Our universe is constantly expanding. At the same time, the speed of this process is constantly increasing, albeit by a tiny amount. Recently, the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics published a study in which scientists put forward a new theory on why this happens. 

The expansion of the universe itself is a well-established fact. Observations of the microwave background left over from the Big Bang show this quite clearly. The acceleration of expansion, which is explained by the existence of dark energy, is also well confirmed.

It makes up most of the matter in the universe and should not be confused with dark matter. The particles of the latter nevertheless enter into gravitational interaction with the rest of matter. Dark energy, according to available theoretical concepts, does not manifest itself in any way except for cosmological phenomena.

Newborn Universes

In a new study, scientists have suggested that dark energy may not actually exist. Instead, in their opinion, the reason for the accelerated expansion of the Universe is the constant merging with similar formations that have just been born.

The idea of this process is not new. At the same time, all the terms in it are quite conditional. After all, no one knows exactly what is the medium in which universes, including ours, are born. Also, no one can explain how time correlates in different universes, because it is essentially part of the continuum of our universe and should also have been born during the Big Bang.

However, scientists claim that they have made new calculations of the merger of our Universe with its newborn analogues and they better match the observed picture than the traditional explanation with dark energy.

Was our universe once absorbed?

The idea of the authors of the new study has another consequence. It explains well the inflationary expansion of the universe at the very beginning of its existence. In a few milliseconds, it suddenly increased by many orders of magnitude. Physicists usually explain this phenomenon by the existence of a certain “inflaton” field. However, no one can explain what it is.

The theory of the absorption of universes provides a new way of looking at it. According to the theory, the inflation of our universe was actually its absorption by something that had arisen earlier. This theory explains a lot of scientific mysteries, but there is no convincing evidence of its existence. Scientists hope to get them during future observations.

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