NASA logo on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket surprises the community on the Internet

Last week, the Falcon 9 rocket delivered the Crew Dragon spacecraft into orbit with a crew of four people on board as part of the Crew-5 mission. But before the rocket disappeared into space, viewers of the live broadcast noticed a somewhat strange change in the NASA logo on board. People noticed that the famous image of the space agency – a blue circle with stars and a red arrow – looks wrong. 

SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew-5 Missions

The Internet community noted that the text on the NASA logo was not centered, which greatly angered perfectionists. Users began to accuse designers of doing their job imperfectly. Of course, the text in the image is unlikely to threaten the lives of astronauts, but people did not expect such obvious negligence from SpaceX and NASA, which for decades have been a model of perfection and accuracy even in detail.

Discourse on the NASA logo

Below you can see the image of the logo on the left, taken from the video applied to the rocket, and its comparison with the official NASA logo on the right. If you look closely, it is noticeable that the text is shifted to the right along with the constellations of stars, that is, it is not aligned relative to the center of the blue circle.

Comparison of NASA logos: the actual one on the Falcon 9 Crew-5 (left) and the official one (right)

Users on the Network began to have fun with the unfortunate NASA logo on Twitter.

Others began to use artificial intelligence-based image generators and began to come up with ideas for their own view of the space agency’s logo, which gave interesting results.

In the end, a not very successful reproduction of one of the most recognizable logos in space exploration will not prevent NASA and SpaceX from further exploring and conquering the universe, surprising us with their new discoveries and achievements.

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