Mysterious vortex forms in the sky over Hawaii

A mysterious vortex appeared in the night sky over Hawaii, surprising researchers. A mysterious atmospheric phenomenon was discovered by a camera on the top of Mauna Kea at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Japanese Subaru telescope. A strange event was recorded on video. It is still associated with the flight of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The slow-motion video first shows a white ball hovering in the starry sky. Then it gradually unfolds into a beautiful spiral, and then evaporates. An employee of the observatory, Ichi Tanaka, did not even notice at first that the broadcast from the video camera online on YouTube demonstrated a mysterious event. An unidentified object in the sky was reported by the audience.

Possible explanation of the atmospheric phenomenon

The vortex was spotted on January 18. On the same day, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral to deploy a GPS satellite in mid-Earth orbit for the US Space Force. Experts believe that the phenomenon is associated with a cooled contrail from the rocket.

A possible explanation for the spiral-shaped vortex may be precisely in the features of the Falcon 9 flight. The rocket is raised into space by the first multiple stage, which then returns to Earth. Before entering the atmosphere, the first stage of the rocket must burn all the remaining fuel to become lighter. At the same time, the rocket rotates before entering the upper atmosphere for braking. That is why an enigmatic vortex is formed in the sky, which may seem mysterious.

The peak of Mauna Kea provides some of the best observation conditions on Earth for astronomy, so the observatory installed a camera streaming live broadcasts to demonstrate the sky above the Subaru telescope.

Earlier we reported on how a mysterious space object turned out to be a wreck of a SpaceX rocket.

According to The Guardian

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