Maybe the aliens just didn’t have time to receive our signal?

A new possible solution to the Fermi Paradox is that there are so many potentially habitable planets in the Galaxy and the speed of light is limited. So the aliens are just listening to the air, and our messages have not yet reached them.

Можливо, інопланетяни теж будють радіотелескопи
Maybe aliens are building radio telescopes too. Source:

Fermi paradox

The question “Where is everyone?”, posed by the physicist Enrico Fermi in relation to extraterrestrials that humanity cannot find, is more complicated than it might seem. And the matter is not that, according to modern knowledge of biology and planetology, life should be quite common thing in the universe. So we should have found at least the traces of presence of some intelligent beings, if not the beings themselves.

It has long been estimated that several million years are enough to visit all the stars in the Galaxy with probes moving at the speed of light. And the Milky Way itself has existed for 10 billion years, which automatically means that if there was at least one civilization in it, apart from us, it would almost certainly have time to visit Earth.

However, scientists note that, most probably, an alien civilization, no matter how advanced it is, is unlikely to have endless energy and material resources to constantly launch new probes. Instead, it would be more reasonable to build a series of radio monitoring stations and wait for a signal to arrive.

The aliens did not have time to receive our radio message

It was on these considerations that Henri Wandel of the Hebrew University in Israel built his new solution to the Fermi paradox. He suggested that the aliens simply did not have time to receive our signal.

The fact is that there are about 1 trillion planets in the Galaxy, if we add the icy satellites of giant planets like Enceladus and Europa. Therefore, it is unlikely that extraterrestrials will pay special attention to the Earth itself. They will wait for us to speak up.

Mankind has been emitting radio waves for a little more than 100 years. This means that the diameter of the “radio bubble”, outside of which no one knows anything about us, is only 200 light years. And this is much smaller than the diameter of the Galaxy, which is 100 thousand light years.

So the solution to Fermi’s paradox may be our own impatience. Interstellar communications are entertainment for those who are ready to wait for tens of thousands of years. And we should wait for much more than one century until our signal is received somewhere. And then, another millennium will pass before answer comes to us.

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