Maxar Technologies published satellite images of the Crimean bridge

Maxar Technologies has released satellite images of the Crimean Bridge, which show its destruction. On July 17, it was hit, as a result of which one of the cuts collapsed. The Ukrainian authorities do not give a clear answer about this event.

The Crimean bridge after the defeat. Source: Maxar Technologies

Images of the Crimean Bridge

The publication “Crimea.Realities” published satellite images of the Crimean Bridge. They were made on July 17 by satellites of the American company Maxar Technologies. They clearly showed the damage that was inflicted on it by the explosion made the night before.

The pictures clearly show the entire bridge connecting the two banks of the Kerch Strait. The destruction is clearly visible in its northern part near the Kuban coast. One of the cuts fell into the water, traces of fire are visible on the neighboring ones.

The Crimean bridge. Source: Maxar Technologies

The Russian authorities report that it will be completely closed for travel in the coming weeks. Traffic on one side is planned to be restored on September 15, and on the other — in November. So far, residents of the occupied peninsula are advised to travel to Russia in a detour, close to the front line.

Maxar Technologies reacts faster and faster

It is interesting how quickly images of the Kerch Bridge appeared this time. Maxar Technologies not for the first time publishes amazing photos of how its satellites see the war in Ukraine. However, before photos after some iconic events had to wait a few days.

This time the explosion occurred at 3.00 a.m. GMT+3. And in the evening of the same day, images of the Crimean Bridge appeared, which greatly narrowed the possibilities of speculation about what happened to it. The Security Service of Ukraine already announced a special operation, and Russia confirmed that at least two drones were used.

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