Mathematician confirms the possibility of time travel, but not in our Universe

It turns out that time travel to the past is quite possible. All you have to do is make the Universe rotate. The famous mathematician Kurt Godel decided to simulate whether General Relativity can allow time travel to the past and under what conditions. Those who are familiar with Einstein’s theory know that this is impossible and contradicts the laws of physics. However, the mathematician discovered that in fact General Relativity is ideal for time travel to the past. The trick is to set the Universe in motion.

Time travel is only possible in an exotic Universe. Photo: Unsplash

Time travel in a rotating Universe

Godel built an artificial and relatively simple model of the Universe to prove his point. In his model, the Universe rotates and contains only one ingredient. This component is a negative cosmological constant that opposes the centrifugal force of rotation to keep the Universe static. The mathematician discovered that if you moved a certain way in this rotating universe, you could find yourself in your past. To do this, you will have to travel incredibly far, billions of light-years, but it is quite possible.

The rotation of the Universe in the Godel model is not just the rotation of matter in space, but also space and time itself. In fact, the rotation of the Universe would change the potential paths forward so much that they would take the traveler back to the place from which he started in his own past. Moreover, the speed in this case should be sublight.

Problem of paradoxes

The possibility of time travel is one of the most romantic ideas of fiction. However, in fact, such trips to the past create paradoxes and violate our understanding of causal relations. Fortunately, all observations indicate that our Universe does not rotate, so we are “protected” from Godel’s problems about time travel.

But it still remains a mystery why the General Theory of Relativity agrees with this seemingly impossible phenomenon. Godel used the example of a rotating Universe to argue that general relativity was incomplete, and he might be right.

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