Masterpiece of astrophotography: A unique photo of all four supermoons of 2023

Indian photographer Soumyadeep Mukherjee created an exciting photo demonstrating the beauty of the four supermoons that occurred in 2023. His work is part of a project in which he photographs the full moon every month.

All four supermoons in 2023. From left to right: Buck Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Blue Moon and Harvest Moon.

Soumyadeep Mukherjee, born in Calcutta, India, decided to capture this natural phenomenon in all its grandeur and beauty. He started his project with a photo of the full moon on July 3, then captured the Sturgeon Moon on August 1. The last two supermoons of 2023 – the Blue Supermoon on August 30 and the Harvest Moon on September 29 – were also included in his collection.

He explained that photographing a supermoon was always interesting, because at this time the Moon looked bigger and brighter than usual. In 2023, it was a particularly exciting period, as four supermoons took place in a row in July, August and September, and there was also a blue supermoon in August.

For his photographs, Mukherjee used a Nikon D5600 camera together with a Sigma 100-600 mm lens. Each of his supermoon images was created based on 200 photos stacked together in RAW format. After that, they were cut using PIPP software. Then these images were combined using the Autostakkert 3 software, creating a single summary photo. The final processing took place in Adobe Photoshop to achieve the final result.

One of the supermoons of 2023. Photo: Unsplash

But only technical difficulties did not interfere with the work on the images of the Moon. Mukherjee also experienced difficulties due to weather conditions. In particular, photographing the Sturgeon Moon and the Harvest Moon was difficult because of the long monsoon in India, which was accompanied by clouds. He had to wait for hours on his terrace to get the opportunity to take these unique photos.

Soumyadeep Mukherjee’s work is an impressive masterpiece of astrophotography that captures the natural beauty and grandeur of these extraordinary moments of our cosmic neighbor. His sequence of photos of the supermoon in 2023 will remain an extremely important historical document that inspires and fascinates viewers with its beauty and greatness.

What is a supermoon?

A supermoon is a special moment when the Moon is at the point of its orbit closest to the Earth, and it simultaneously coincides with a full moon. This phenomenon is known as perigee. At this moment, the Moon looks brighter and larger than usual, which is why it is called a supermoon. The blue supermoon, which took place on August 30, was especially impressive because it was the second full moon in the calendar month, and that’s what makes it “blue”. Such a similar blue supermoon is rarely observed, the last one was in 2009, and the next one may not happen until 2037. 

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