Learnspace raised 8.5 million euros for the development of space software

The French startup Leanspace was able to raise several million euros from various venture organizations. This money will be used to develop cloud services that can be used as a software platform for satellites.

The founders of Leanspace. Source: Leanspace

Leanspace received funding

Startup Learnspace, based in Strasbourg, France, held a round of financing negotiations. According to its results, the company collected 6 million euros from venture capital companies of the Old World. Karista and 42CAP became the leaders in terms of investments. In addition, the financial institution Bpifrance added its own funds, increasing the total amount to 8.5 million euros.

Leanspace entered the European space market in 2020. Its founders are a Frenchman, a Spaniard, a Canadian and an Indian. They offer their clients a set of cloud services that are available for free use through the API.

The company hopes that the proposed system will be of interest to satellite service operators. Based on it, it is convenient to develop and integrate software solutions for satellites and ground infrastructure.

Space ambitions of European startups

For a long time, the USA remained the main country of space startups. But gradually, first the Chinese began to join them, and then the Europeans. EU governments are actively encouraging the creation of layouts in this area, and ESA has even created several business incubators.

Leanspace has great ambitions to become the market leader in satellite software. The main advantage of their product is considered cheapness and the ability to easily scale solutions. That is, a company that starts its service from just a few spacecraft will then be able to expand to several hundred without completely rebuilding the system.

According to Leanspace, they are already working with several dozen customers from satellite operators that monitor the Earth’s surface to those who are engaged in the Internet of Things.

According to www.satellitetoday .com

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