In the US, private developers’ access to defense orders is facilitated

The US Space Command is building a system that will make it easier for private companies to receive defense orders. They invited the companies to submit their proposals for intelligence satellites, about a month of activity and data analysis.

Michael Guetlein is trying to make the US military more open for business.

The US Space Command is going to meet business

Over the past year, the US Space Command has greatly changed its policy on cooperation with business. Previously, most of the orders were taken by several large companies that have been cooperating with the defense department for decades. However, with the appointment last year of Lieutenant General Michael Guetlein responsible for the US military superiority in orbit, the situation has changed.

The first thing Guetlein noticed was that fascinating developments from young companies could not get into his department due to the startups simply not understanding the military bureaucracy and the schemes operating in it.  The solution to this problem was the appointment of special intermediaries, known as “sherpas”, in order to facilitate companies’ interaction with the military system.

The military is trying to completely change its relationship with business. They want to move away from the system when companies ask them what they need. Instead, it should be the other way around: the military should be interested in what startups offer them.

What is the US military interested in

The US Space Command is beginning to implement this concept, offering businessmen meetings at which they can express their proposals. The first of them began on May 19 and would last two days. It will be dedicated to the satellites of intelligence and observation of the Earth. This topic is the most important in the industry through the Ukrainian-Russian war, so it is not surprising that the military started with it.

The next industry meeting is scheduled to take place next month, Guetlein said. It will be dedicated to defense activities on the Moon and in its orbit. It is also planned to hold at least one more event before the end of the year, at which companies will present their data processing developments.

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