Hubble observes the formation of a giant star

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers could observe the birth of a giant star in the constellation Scorpio. They published an amazing image showing interesting details.

The star formation region of IRAS 16562-3959. Source:

Incredible Hubble Image

The Hubble Space Telescope took an amazing image. It depicts a relatively close star formation region known as IRAS 16562-3959, which lies in the Milky Way about 5,900 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpio. A giant star is being born here.

The image was created using observations from the Hubble wide-angle camera. Thanks to the use of four separate filters, it is possible to see the iridescence of colors in the images. Light filters are pieces of transparent materials of a certain composition, which, thanks to this, pass a certain range of waves.

This is very useful for astronomers, because certain wavelengths of light can tell us about the composition, temperature and density of a region better than others. 

What have the scientists learned?

There is a massive star in the center of the IRAS 16562-3959 image. It is about 30 times the size of our Sun and is still in the process of forming. You can also see dark clouds in the picture. These are areas with a lot of dust, which blocks the light in the near infrared range that Hubble observed. 

However, near-infrared light seeps mainly from two sides — top left and bottom right. These are the places where the powerful jet of a massive supernova cleared it of dust. Multi-wavelength images like the one Hubble received help us better understand how the most massive and brightest stars of our galaxy are formed.

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