Hilton will provide the Starlab Space Hotel with luxury rooms

Currently, visiting the International Space Station by space tourists is a very expensive pleasure, which also cannot be called comfortable and convenient. Tourists share space with ordinary astronauts in very spartan conditions. Therefore, the Hilton company, known for its elite hotels, hopes to improve the comfort of future space travelers so that their stay on the commercial space station Starlab will be as pleasant and rich as possible.

Image of the future Starlab space station. Photo authorship: Nanoracks

Starlab is a joint project of the space company Nanoracks, its main shareholder Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin. Hilton has officially signed a project for the construction of crew housing and luxury rooms to make “a long stay in orbit more comfortable.” But Hilton and Voyager Space did not share details of how the luxury rooms will be equipped. What will be included in the additional luxe package: will there be a choice of pillows or a free breakfast? So far we can only fantasize.

But something is known. Rich visitors of the orbit will be able to receive freshly baked treats. The company Doubletree by Hilton previously sponsored a successful experiment on making cookies on the ISS. When asked what space smells like, Starlab guests will be able to answer: “Chocolate cookies”.

Opening doors for the first tourists

It is expected that Starlab will receive space tourists and at the same time conduct serious scientific work in an ultra-modern laboratory in low Earth orbit. It is this commercial station that will be used by astronauts after NASA stops operating the ISS. Starlab can be operational until 2027, while the International Space Station will be flooded in 2031. 

Earlier, we reported on how NASA began accepting applications for new private missions to the ISS.

According to CNET

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