Galactic Compass for iPhone will point to the center of the Milky Way

If you want to find your landmark in the universe and not get lost, then there is a useful instrument for you – Galactic Compass. This is a free application for iPhone and iPad devices, created to accurately determine the path to the center of our Milky Way galaxy, where there is a huge black hole – Sagittarius A*, with a mass of 4.6 billion solar masses. However, Sagittarius A* does not emit light like other black holes, but its immediate environment is very bright. This black hole attracts superheated matter, emitting X-rays and radio waves.

Galactic Compass App for Apple iPhone

The app was developed by Matt Webb. Created using ChatGPT and Xcode, it is simple and convenient. It is enough to install Galactic Compass on your device, launch it and a large green arrow on the screen will accurately indicate the path to the Galactic Center, regardless of the orientation of the phone in space.

Milky Way. Photo: Unspalsh

The developer insists that Galactic Compass can help us think about our place in the vast universe. After all, on a galactic scale, our entire Solar System is a tiny part of the vast Milky Way, 100 thousand light–years wide, and our planet is just a pale blue speck of dust on its outskirts.

The center of the Milky Way. The inset shows Sagittarius A* (X-ray image). Source: NASA/CXC/Stanford/I. Zhuravleva et al.

Matt Webb is proud that he recently took 87th place in the Travel chart for the App Store. However, in this case, the Earth acts as a real spacecraft that travels through the galaxy, and all living people are tourists during an interstellar journey.

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