First lunar eclipse of 2024: Live broadcast

On March 25, the earth’s inhabitants will see the first lunar eclipse in 2024. It can be considered as a kind of prelude to an even more impressive celestial spectacle — a total solar eclipse, which will take place in just two weeks.

Changing the appearance of the lunar disk during a penumbral eclipse. Source: Hong Kong Space Museum

The upcoming lunar eclipse is penumbral. Such an event occurs when the Earth enters the Earth’s penumbra, an area of space where the Sun appears partially obscured by our planet. An observer on the moon at that moment would have seen a partial solar eclipse.

Types of lunar eclipses

It is worth noting that penumbral eclipses, as a rule, are not particularly spectacular. Although the brightness of the Moon decreases, it is not so much that it is strongly noticeable to the naked eye. The most noticeable effect will be the darkening of one of the edges of the lunar disk.

The visibility map of the lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024. Source: Chris Vaughan/Starry Night

Residents of Western Europe, Northeast Asia, Australia, most of Africa, as well as North and South America will be able to observe the upcoming eclipse. But the people of our country will not see it. By the time the eclipse begins, the Sun will have risen over Ukraine. Nevertheless, the celestial event can still be seen on the Internet. The event will be streamed live on YouTube.

As we have already said, the upcoming lunar eclipse can be considered as a prelude to one of the main astronomical events of 2024 — a total solar eclipse, which will occur on April 8. We will tell you more about it in upcoming articles.

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