Firefly Aerospace acquires Spaceflight Inc.

The private space company Firefly Aerospace, which was once saved by Ukrainian businessman Max Polyakov, bought the manufacturer of space technology Spaceflight Inc. This will allow them not only to launch rockets, but also to transport satellites in space.

The Sherpa spacecraft from Spaceflight Inc. Source: Spaceflight

Firefly Aerospace expands its business

The American company Firefly Aerospace acquired Spaceflight Inc. Its management announced this on June 8. This acquisition will help it offer “comprehensive” space transportation services, which include the Alpha launch vehicle, the Blue Ghost lunar lander and the Space Utility Vehicle transport spacecraft. 

“This acquisition is the result of Firefly’s business plan to strengthen the company though organic growth in addition to accelerating its capabilities with strategic acquisitions,” said Bill Weber, chief executive of Firefly, in a statement.

The terms of the deal are not disclosed by the company. Spaceflight has been co-owned by Japanese companies Mitsui & Co. and Yamasa Co. for three years. In February, the company hired Tiphaine Louradour, former president of International Launch Services, as the new chief executive.

How the acquisition will help Firefly Aerospace

Spaceflight Inc. was known as a leader in the organization of space launches. It was looking for places for companies that want to launch their own spacecraft on small rockets or as a secondary load on large ones. They also solved technical issues related to this. Over the past years, 460 cargoes have been attached in this way.

The main value of Spaceflight Inc is its huge customer base and connections with many companies in this area. Representatives of Firefly have already announced that all current contracts will be placed on their rockets and in the future they will not use the services of third-party operators.

But Spaceflight’s Bellevue production facilities will be preserved. Firefly will use them to make its own transport units. Also, all 90 Spaceflight employees will retain their positions and become part of the new team.

Firefly’s Future Plans

Firefly Aerospace has come a long way. Founded by an American engineer, it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Then it was saved by Ukrainian businessman Max Polyakov with his investments.

Last year, the company was able to launch its Alpha rocket for the first time. After that, it managed to attract attention to itself. Firefly Aerospace received two contracts from NASA to transport cargo to the Moon and began joint development with Northrop Grumman.

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