Endeavour shuttle will stand vertically for USD 400 million

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Los Angeles for the new Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center Space Museum, where the decommissioned NASA space shuttle Endeavour would be shown. Now the space shuttle is exhibited at the California Science Center, where visitors can see it in a horizontal position. But when the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center Museum opens, Endeavour will stand there in the vertical position.

Image of the vertically mounted NASA Endeavour shuttle at the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center Museum

An ambitious project to install the space shuttle Endeavour in the vertical position was called Go for Stack. It is planned that the implementation of the project will take 6-8 months. The center’s fund has raised USD 320 million out of the USD 400 million needed to implement the project.

Shuttle Endeavour before the launch of the STS-127 space flight

The first step of Go for Stack will be to install the bottom of solid-fuel rocket boosters. Accelerator segments, an external fuel tank of the famous orange color will be mounted on these boosters, and then Endeavour will be connected. Eventually, the assembled design of the space shuttle, together with boosters and a fuel tank, will rise to a height of 56 meters along with a mock-up of the launch pad.

In a statement, Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center stated that the assembly of the components of the shuttle system was a complex process that had never been carried out outside NASA facilities. The shuttle will be transported through the Exposition Park and lifted by a crane for a complex connection to the external tank.

Endeavour at the California Science Center. Photo: NASA

Endeavour was built as a replacement for the destroyed Challenger shuttle and made 25 flights from 1992 to 2011. After NASA closed its shuttle operations in 2012, the shuttle was delivered to California on a special Boeing-747 carrier aircraft.

After landing at Los Angeles International Airport, the shuttle was placed on a special trailer, and for several days it moved through the narrow city streets to the California Science Center, causing a real sensation. 

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