China will land people on the Moon by 2030

A representative of the Chinese manned program said on Monday that his country would land Taikonauts on the Moon by 2030. In addition, the crew has been announced, which will fly to the Celestial space station on Tuesday.

Crew of Shenzhou 16. Source:

China is flying to the Moon

The Deputy Director of the Chinese Manned Space Agency Lin Xiqiang announced the plans of the Celestial Empire regarding the Moon at a press conference on May 29. According to him, the Taikonauts are planned to land on it before 2030, but he did not name any specific dates.

Earlier, China announced plans to start operating lunar rockets after 2030. Although China’s main competitor, the United States, clearly suspected before this that they would do it earlier. No wonder that they have already planned their own mission to the Moon for 2025.

According to Lin, the first mission of the Taikonauts on the Moon will be short. They won’t stay there forever. At the same time, the Chinese are already planning to use robots on the surface of the satellite together with people in this flight.

New crew of the space station

In his speech, Lin emphasized that Chinese planned flights to the Moon were based on their own Tiangong Space Station, which would provide their Taikonauts with the experience of a long stay in space. According to him, now the main mode of its operation will be the replacement of crews twice a year.

One of them was presented to the public at the same conference. Shenzhou 16 is scheduled to launch to Tiangong on Tuesday. Its crew included Gui Haichao, Jing Haipeng and Zhu Yangzhu. And if the last two are traditionally pilots from the People’s Liberation Army of China, then the first is a civilian.

China launches a man who is not a military person into space for the first time. Gui Haichao is a professor at the leading Beijing Aerospace Research Institute. An interesting fact is also that for the commander of the expedition, Jing Haipeng, this will be the fourth flight into space.

Of the other news reported at the press conference, the information that China plans to expand Tiangong by joining the fourth module to it is interesting in the first place. This will provide the crew with additional space for scientific and household needs.

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