China launched a secret reusable spacecraft

On August 4, the Changzheng-2F rocket was launched from the Chinese Jiuquan cosmodrome. It launched an experimental reusable spacecraft into space. 

Launch of the Changzheng-2F rocket. Source: CASC

According to the US Space Force, the Chinese spacecraft was launched into orbit with a perigee of 346 km, an apogee of 593 km and an inclination of 50°. China has traditionally not provided any photos, nor any details of the technical system of its device, nor the period during which it will be in space. All official information is limited to a brief message, according to which the spacecraft will be used to test the technologies necessary to create reusable space technology.

According to the most popular version, the Chinese device is a spacecraft similar to the American X-37B space drone. It is worth noting that during the previous test in 2020, a small object (most likely a microsatellite) separated from it before landing. The X-37B also has a cargo compartment, which can accommodate both a platform with various instruments and other spacecraft.

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