Breathtaking and dizzying: Unique timelapse of the night sky is created

The Earth rotates continuously. Despite some absurd theories about a flat Earth, evidence of its round shape and rotation is very easy to refute by observing the night sky with special instruments. For example, by installing a camera and recording changes in the sky. This was exactly what photographer Eric Brummel did, who created an exciting timelapse illustrating the rotation of our planet.

The timelapse was created thanks to a star tracker and a camera that was fixed in accordance with the rotation of the Earth. The star tracker allowed Brummell to rotate the camera at the same speed as the Earth, but in the opposite direction. Thanks to this, it is possible to observe the rotation of the Earth, which is absolutely impressive for any fan of photography and amateur astronomy. Also, such a unique timelapse provides a unique view of the Milky Way and the firmament as a whole.

Obviously, the main secret in the photography of such timelapses is to choose places with as little light pollution as possible. This guarantees the clarity and brightness of the stars and the Milky Way that appear in the sky.

However, such an observation is not only beautiful, but also disturbing. Some viewers admit in the comments that they feel some discomfort watching the video. Someone reports dizziness, and someone is literally delighted with the contemplation of such a timelapse. But this is only the reaction of the brain of very impressionable people to a non-standard angle, because we are all used to seeing the illusion of a “fixed” sky.

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