“Bear Lakes” tries to jam the broadcast of Suspilne via satellite

On March 13, the signal of the Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne was tried to be drowned out. The source of the interference was located on the territory of the Bear Lakes Radio Astronomy Station, located in the Moscow region. 

The center from which the signal was tried to be jammed. Source: corp.suspilne.media

Signal of Suspilne was tried to be jammed

The Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne has been interfered with by broadcasting its channels via satellite. Information about this appeared on the official website of the company. According to it, the broadcast of television and radio signals was jammed on March 13.

The company reported that the source of interference was located on the territory of the space communications center with the telling name “Bear Lakes”, located in the Moscow region. The target of the attack was the Astra satellite through which the broadcast was going on.

It is reported that the broadcast of other Ukrainian channels was blocked for an hour. After that, it was restored.

Past attempts

It is known that on the night of March 14, Russia also attacked radio towers in the border areas of Ukraine with drones. Therefore, it is obviously a coordinated action aimed at weakening Ukraine’s informational influence on the world.

At the same time, this action is not the first. Attempts have already been made to silence the transmission of Suspilne signals via satellites on November 9, 2023. Then the attempt was made to mute the signal and replace the content. At the same time, the broadcast continued unchanged on T2 digital broadcast and cable networks.

According to corp.suspilne.media

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