Astronomers find a warm Jupiter near a distant star

Astronomers report the discovery of a previously unknown exoplanet. It represents the so-called warm Jupiter.

Warm Jupiter in the artist’s impression. Source: ESO/M. Kornmesser

The newly found exoplanet orbits a star of spectral class F, known by the designation S1429. It is 1.26 times more massive than the Sun, and its age is estimated at 4.3 billion years. The star is located at a distance of 2,800 light-years from Earth and is part of the scattered star cluster M67.

During spectroscopic observations, astronomers could detect deviations in the radial velocity of S1429. They are caused by the gravity of an object orbiting around it. Subsequent analysis showed that its mass is 1.8 times that of Jupiter. Thus, we are talking about a gas giant.

The orbital period of the exoplanet in the S1429 system is 77 days. If it moves in a circular orbit, the distance to the star is 0.384 AU (47 million km), which in turn gives an equilibrium surface temperature of about 400 °C. Astronomers classify such bodies as warm Jupiters.

It is worth saying that this is not the first exoplanet found in M67. Earlier, astronomers identified five more star clusters with companions. Three of them are in the main sequence, two have begun their transformation into red giants.

Earlier we talked about the doomed hot Jupiter, which would soon fall on its star.

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