Astronaut’s ping pong game in space puzzles the Internet community

Interesting footage of the Chinese astronaut was published by the Chinese media. The video shows taikonaut Deng Qingming playing ping pong on the newly built Tiangong Space Station. But take a closer look and you will be amazed by the strange behavior of the ball, because the action takes place in orbit in microgravity. Somehow, the ball returns to the astronaut after being hit, although it does not hit anything, which is a little confusing. How does this extraterrestrial game actually work?

But if you look closely, the ball is attached to some kind of long static cable, similar to a flexible antenna that is attached to the floor of the station. This allows the ball to oscillate on the stand, and not float in the air – that’s the whole secret. In the cramped and limited conditions of the station, this popular Chinese game can only be played by one person, so no one plays with an astronaut.

Take a closer look at the photo, where you can see exactly how the ball is attached to the wall of the space station.

Deng Qingming is a participant in the third mission to Tiangong. Recall that the space station was built in record time over the past couple of years. Deng and his colleagues will spend the next six months at the orbital outpost, which means they will probably have much more time for space tennis. By the way, this game is one of the types of physical exercises in microgravity conditions together with other simulators, so that the crew keeps their bodies in good shape, does not lose muscle tissue and strengthens bones.

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