Astronauts of the Artemis-2 mission will eat Canadian cereal and cookies with maple syrup

Canadian cereal, curry and maple cream cookies will fly to the moon. They will be included in the diet of the astronauts of the Artemis-2 mission.

Maple syrup cookies on the ISS. Source: Chris Hadfield/CSA / X

Artemis-2 Mission

The Canadian space agency (CSA) recently released a list of products that will fly aboard Artemis-2, the first human mission to the moon in 53 years. Its launch is currently scheduled for September 2025. 

Good manners when eating food in space are different from those on Earth. For example, you need to keep an eye on the crumbs so that they don’t fly all over the compartment. However, Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen assured reporters at CSA headquarters that he planned to ignore some norms during the flight. For example, he’s not going to put a whole cookie in his mouth for the sake of cleanliness.

Although at the same time, Hansen, as well as his comrades Reid Wiseman, Christina Koch and Victor Glover will make up their menu based on what is used on the ISS. Despite the fact that their small Orion spacecraft does not have a full-fledged galley, there will be a standard set of food on board, adjusted for the taste and cultural preferences of the crew members. Hence the Canadian maple leaf cookies, which have already been on several missions to the ISS.

Cookies for astronauts

When choosing food for space, CSA took into account factors such as shelf life, texture, packaging, ingredients, cooking ability and convenience of use in space. Astronauts usually eat three meals a day and have one snack in between, with food amounts ranging from 1,900 to 3,200 calories per day, depending on weight, gender and other specific needs.

Astronauts and other food experts were also asked about “organoleptic properties,” or sensations such as appearance, aroma, taste and texture. Based on these discussions, the following products were selected: cookies with Orange cream, maple syrup, smoked salmon, curry shrimp with rice and strawberry-lavender cereal. 

Canada is a part of the NASA-led Artemis Accords, which establish peaceful norms for space exploration. More than 30 countries have signed these agreements: Canada, some members of the European Space Agency and several other countries supply equipment to achieve the goals of the Artemis program on the Moon, which allows them to participate directly in it.

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