American astronaut visited the training site of Ukrainian pilots

Senator and former astronaut Mark Kelly visited Morris Air National Guard Base. Ukrainian pilots are being trained there to fly F-16 fighters.

F-16 at Morris Air Force Base. Source:

Mark Kelly flew to the Ukrainian pilots

US Senator and former astronaut Mark Kelly published a post on his Twitter account on November 28 in which he spoke about visiting Morris Air Base. It belongs to the US National Guard. The Ukrainian Air Force, which will fly American fighters, is being trained here.

Morris Air Base is located on the territory of the Tucson Airport, which is in the state of Arizona. It is used by both civilian and military aircraft. As previously reported, Ukrainian pilots who will fight the Russian invasion on American F-1 fighters are being trained here. 

Kelly emphasized in his post that it was Ukrainian pilots, who were training at the base, who would fight the invasion that Putin had started. In addition, as a former military pilot, he was delighted with the opportunity to take to the sky on a combat aircraft.

Mark Kelly flew to the Ukrainian pilots. Source:

Kelly Brothers and Ukraine

Mark Kelly became a senator from Arizona, so we can say that Ukrainian pilots train in his “home” state. It is not surprising that he pays so much attention to this fact. After all, since the very beginning of the large-scale invasion, he has repeatedly expressed support for Ukraine.

At the same time, he is still quite restrained in his statements and actions. But his twin brother Scott, who is also a former astronaut, though not a politician but an artist, is more outspoken. He has already created a picture in support of Ukraine. And visited Irpin, where he saw firsthand what the “Russian peace” was.

As for Kelly, before becoming a senator from the Democratic Party of the United States, he made 4 flights into space. He was in orbit on shuttles all four times and repeatedly visited the ISS.

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