Zodiac Stargazer: Electric vehicle concept with a built-in telescope

Designer Hyunsik Moon has created the most amazing concept of an electric car called Zodiac Stargazer. According to the author’s idea, his astronomical telescope on wheels can accommodate up to two passengers. The telescope can rotate, giving both an incredible panoramic view of the sky.

Zodiac Stargazer is a vision of a mobile astronomical telescope for two. Authorship: Hyunsik Moon

This is not a real vehicle, but a research design concept that Moon created while defending his master’s degree at the Faculty of Transport Design at the Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany. Moon sees his telescope on wheels as a way to promote astronomy to the masses. According to the author’s idea, such an electric car could be rented in the evening and go on a romantic night trip to observe the sky far beyond the city.

Zodiac Stargazer vision of a mobile astronomical telescope for two. Authorship: Hyunsik Moon

What is most interesting, to contemplate the sky, the designer suggests climbing inside the Zodiac Stargazer telescope when it is in a horizontal position. Then the case is rotated vertically by 90 degrees, the telescope barrel is extended, allowing the “smart lens” to focus the night sky.

Inside Zodiac Stargazer

There are, of course, some problems here. This lens really should be quite “smart”. In appearance, the location inside the telescope is quite cramped, and the panoramic lens can only bring the sky a little closer and is unlikely to be able to display the Moon in detail so that you can see the craters on the surface. 

Zodiac Stargazer. Authorship: Hyunsik Moon

But it’s actually an interesting project. Just that more people could distract themselves from the crazy rhythm of life, stop for a while and look at the sky and the stars, and comprehend the full scale and richness of the universe beyond our fragile “blue marble”.

Recall that India has the largest telescope with a liquid mirror.

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