Will the Martian colony be shown in “For All Mankind”

The fourth season of the series “For All Mankind” is due to be released in the autumn of 2023. Fans of the series got access to high-quality pictures of the Martian colony, which were shown in the third season and expect that it would become the location where the following events would unfold. 

The Martian colony in the series. Source: www.humanmars.net

Martian Colony in “For All Mankind”

As the autumn of 2023 approaches, and with it the release of the fourth season of the science fiction series “For All Mankind“, its fans are making assumptions about what will be shown there. Recently, they got pictures of a Martian colony, a station in orbit of the red planet and a flight transport there.

A dome on Mars. Source: humanmars.net

In the last third season, these pictures were shown by one of the characters of the series as future plans for the development of the red planet in this alternate Universe. They are amazing in high quality, because they are based on very real concepts.

Now viewers of the series are having discussions about whether the essay depicted in the pictures will be shown in the fourth season. The action in it, apparently, will unfold in the alternative first two decades of the XXI century, when humanity has been living on the Moon and Mars for a long time.

Calipso spacecraft. Source: humanmars.net

What is this series?

“For All Mankind” is an American science fiction series that has started to be released in 2019. It shows an alternative Universe in which Soviet cosmonauts are the first to land on the Moon in the autumn of 1969. This forces the American government to act more decisively and implement those projects that in reality have been closed due to riskiness and high cost.

A station on the orbit of Mars. Source: humanmars.net

A confrontation breaks out in space, the result of which is much faster development of the Solar System than it is in reality. For example, already in the 1970s, American and Russian bases appeared on the Moon.

On the other hand, space in the series “For All Mankind” is heavily militarized and already in the 1980s there is a real armed confrontation on the Moon, which the two superpowers manage to more or less hide from the public. After all, in the 1990s, they actually become allies during a flight to Mars, which almost turns into a catastrophe.

Equipment on Mars. Source: humanmars.net

Now viewers are waiting for events in the world of the series at the beginning of the XXI century. Prior to that, its authors demonstrated exceptional technical literacy and knowledge of the realities of the past decades. Now the plot finally moves into the area of science fiction and you can expect to see on the screen those things that scientists are talking about as the future.

According to www.humanmars.net

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