View of Mount Everest from the ISS: Try to find it in the photo

Astronauts on the International Space Station observe our planet from its most unique angles. At their leisure, they like to photograph various corners of the Earth. It can be the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China or simply breathtaking landscapes that offer stunning views from orbit. NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei took the newest picture of Mount Everest.

Try to find Mount Everest in this picture from space. Photo: Mark T. Vande Hei

On Tuesday, Vande Hei tweeted two images and challenged his readers: “After trying many many times, I was finally able to find Mt. Everest from the @Space_Station. Can you find it in these photos?” 

Mount Everest rises to the sky at a record height of 8848.86 m above sea level. But it’s easy for it to get lost in the vast landscape when you’re traveling in orbit at 27,400 km/h and trying to catch recognizable objects on the surface.

View of Everest from the foot. Photo: Wikipedia

This task is not an easy one, because it is extremely difficult to determine the highest point of the Earth from the ISS. That’s because the picture is taken from such an angle and from such a height that the Himalayas look like little hills, and all the snow-capped peaks look almost the same. If you succeeded, congratulations, you have a sharp eye!

If you suddenly can’t find where Mount Everest is — here’s a hint. Photo: NASA

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