US Space Forces to create a new, less vulnerable system

The US Space Forces ask to significantly increase their budget. They claim that their current policy on satellite launches does not justify itself. Therefore, most of the money should go to the creation of less vulnerable hybrid systems.

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US Space Forces ask to increase the budget

On April 5, at the 37th symposium, the commander of US orbital operations, John “Jay” Raymond, said that the US military would completely change the way they had formed their orbital grouping so far. According to him, an application has already been submitted to increase the funding of the department in 2023.

Most of the funds should go to the development of new satellite systems. In the last six months, many events have occurred that have forced Americans to take a fresh look at the safety of their satellites. Until now, it was believed that the United States had a significant technological advantage over potential rivals. Therefore, all developments were carried out very slowly, and a bunch of engineers worked on each satellite, literally “licking” it to perfection.

However, initially a test of Russian anti-satellite weapons took place. Then the same country unleashed a war against Ukraine, tried to hack satellites and jam their signal. The results of this attack remain a mystery. But judging by the actions of the US space forces, they are now not at all sure of the perfection of everything they have launched so far.

Failover hybrid systems

According to Raymond, the American military space should move away from monolithic schemes. Complex multi-ton satellites, in which everything is classified, can no longer meet the needs of the military. Despite the fact that each of them is considered reliable, in general, the architecture is not like that.

Instead, it is proposed to move to more decentralized systems. Make satellites easier and smaller, but launch them more. Or not to launch anything at all, but rather integrate satellites built by private companies into the security system.

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