UNO negotiates on the arms race

In May, the United Nations will negotiate to prevent the escalation of the confrontation in space. The world community is striving to develop new safety rules. However, Russia, China and a number of other countries are against it.

The negotiations will concern cosmic space weapons and security. Source:

Security negotiations will be held in May

The US State Department announced that negotiations will be held at the UN General Assembly on May 9-13 this year. They will be dedicated to prevent escalation in space. In December 2021, an open-ended working group was created, and now its participants will gather to take the first steps to improve safety in Earth orbit.

The purpose of the meeting is to give recommendations on the norms, rules and principles of responsible behavior in providing the states’ defense programs in space. This process is supported by the United States, and 163 countries voted for its early deployment.

However, 12 countries were against it. Not difficult to guess that among them are Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela. But most states still want security. Therefore, the group will continue to work and hold two meetings in 2022 and two more in 2023.

Anti-Satellite Weapons

The hottest topic of space security is anti-satellite weapons. China tested it in 2007, and Russia in 2021. And each time there was a danger to the entire orbital infrastructure. However, representatives of the country that unleashed a new war in Europe continue to convince everyone that their trials do not pose a threat. They do this with the same stubbornness with which they convince everyone that the homes and hospitals in Ukraine that they are bomb-destroying are actually military bases.

So, if the Russians come to the negotiations, they can block the signing of any documents about what can and cannot be done in space. However, to do this they need to get to Europe some way. After all, the countries of the Old World have closed the sky for the planes of the aggressor country.

In addition, the United States has its own problems with anti-satellite weapons. The fact is that they also have the missiles, but these weapons are also used as interceptors of ballistic missiles. Therefore, the State Department is negotiating carefully enough so as not to introduce some prohibitions that are harmful for themselves.

Russian-American negotiations stopped

Taking into account the irresponsibility of the Russian tests of anti-satellite weapons in November 2021, the United States did not wait for the new commission to work. However, the work of this group stopped with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Now, until the end of the active military phase, the United States does not see the sense in any direct negotiations. They rely much more on sanctions. The last affects both the financial and technical sides. It is hoped that Russia will not be able to maintain many missiles to destroy satellites.

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