Ukrainian rocket modelers won gold at the World Cup

Ukrainian rocket modelers continue to win medals at the World Cup in this technical sport. From the next stage, held in Croatia, they brought as many as six medals, performing in four out of five nominations.

Ukrainian rocket modelers won six medals at the World Cup in Croatia

Rocket modelers are back again with medals

Sportsmen-participants of the Ukrainian National Rocket Model Sport team won 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at the World Cup — The 1st Grand Prix Arhitas in Croatia. The competition lasted from 1 to 3 September. Despite the fact that Croatia hosted the World Cup for the first time, the competitions became numerous; more than 70 sportsmen from nine countries took part in them.

Previously, Ukrainian sportsmen have already won medals in rocket-modeling sports. A month ago, they performed well in the United States, despite the fact that due to the invasion of Russia and martial law, they did not have the opportunity to fully train. 

The high result in Croatia continued a series of victorious performances by Ukrainian rocket modelers: in July, the Ukrainian national team brought 14 medals from the World Championships in the USA, 6 of which were gold. In total, these competitions have already become the 10th stage of the World Cup in 2023. This time, Ukraine was represented at the competition by 11 sportsmen, who reached the podium in 4 of the 5 classes of the competition.

As at the previous stages of the World Cups, our sportsmen demonstrated high results, having little flight training; training in real conditions took place only on the eve of the competition, since in Ukraine there are restrictions on launching even sports models into the sky. However, technical skill and high-quality, proven models developed by the sportsmen made it possible to get the coveted medals in the fight. 

Preparation for the launch of the rocket model

What are the impressions of the participants of the competition?

“The competition left good impressions, because we managed to demonstrate all the skills of the Ukrainian national team at international competitions. Successful performances and prizes in 4 out of 5 classes confirmed that our sportsmen showed a high level of training,” Mykhailo Dubrovnyi, the winner of the competition in the class of rocket models for realistic flights (S7) among juniors, shares his impressions.

The next stage of the World Cup, in which a team of Ukrainian sportsmen will participate, will be held in the Czech Republic on September 23-24, 2023. In addition to competitions in the Czech Republic, Ukrainians will also compete at the World Cup in Slovenia, which will be the final in 2023.

“There are two stages of the World Cup left, after which, according to the results of this year’s competitions, the winners of the World Cup in rocket modeling will be determined. We have every chance to rely on Ukrainian athletes to be among the winners. The Czech Republic and Slovenia are ahead, where we will undoubtedly fight for victory and confirm the high results of the previous stages of the competition,” said Denys Khmil, Secretary General of the Rocket Model Sports Federation of Ukraine.

What results did the sportsmen show?

In general, Ukrainian sportsmen have the following results in competitions:

In the S4A class (models with a booster for the duration of the flight):

  • 3rd place, Serhii Trush (Nizhyn)

In the S8P class (models of rocket gliders for flight duration and landing accuracy):

  • 2nd place, Ihor Volkanov (Dnipro, President of the Rocket Model Sports Federation in Ukraine)
  • 3rd place, Oleksandr Radchenko (Nizhyn)

In the S7 class (models-copies of rockets for realistic flight):

  • 3rd place, Serhii Trush (Nizhyn)

In the S7 class among juniors:

  • 1st place, Ivan Kuriienko (Nizhyn)
  • 2nd place, Mykhailo Dubrovnyi (Dnipro)

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