A new attempt to launch the Starliner will take place on the night of May 11

The launch of the new American Starliner spacecraft on the night of May 7 was interrupted due to a technical malfunction. However, it has now become known that a new attempt to send two astronauts with its help will take place on the night of May 11.

Starliner is being prepared for a new launch attempt. Source: ULA

Starliner launch is postponed

The long-awaited launch of the Starliner spacecraft, which was supposed to take place on May 7, was stopped two hours before the countdown ended. In the morning, it was only known about this event that it happened due to technical malfunctions with the Atlas 5 rocket. However, much more is now known about it, including the date and time of the new attempt.

NASA engineers reported that last night they were forced to stop the attempt due to an oxygen safety valve on the upper stage of the rocket. It hummed violently and caused vibration, which made experts worry about the safety of the entire mission.

In the morning, it was still unknown how quickly the problem would be solved. There was still a possibility that the rocket could be launched at the next launch window, on the night of 7 to 8. However, later the engineers decided not to hurry. This will give them more opportunities to analyze the situation.

When will a new attempt take place

A new attempt to launch Sunita Williams and Barry Wilmore into space will take place on the night of May 10-11. This will happen approximately at 9 p.m. EDT. Although in fact, this is still not completely decided.

It is still unknown whether United Launch Alliance specialists will repair the valve on site or decide to completely change it. In the second case, the rocket will have to be brought back to the assembly shop. In this case, another window is provided for the launch, which will open on the night of Sunday, May 12.

According to www.space.com

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