Ukrainian military does not confirm the shooting down of the ‘hypersonic‘ missile over Kyiv

The Defense Express edition reported that on Wednesday night a hypersonic X-47 Kinzhal (Dagger) air-launched high-speed missile could have been intercepted over Kyiv and provided photos of the wreckage as evidence. But the Air Force Command refused to comment on this, and its speaker, Yuriy Ihnat, stressed that there was no ballistic missile strike on Kyiv and the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not shoot them down.

X-47 Kinzhal missile. Source:

Defense Express reported the shooting down of the ‘hypersonic‘ missile

The Ukrainian edition of Defense Express reported that on May 4, around 2:40 a.m., Russia could strike Kyiv with a hypersonic X-47 Kinzhal missile. But the air defense forces of Ukraine destroyed it on approach. 

In support of their words, the publication published a photo from the site of the rocket crash. According to Defense Express experts, the fairing of the missile is visible on them. It is very different from the X-22, which Russians usually throw at Russian cities, but at the same time it is similar to the one that has a “Kinzhal”.

“Also, the fairing of the shot-down missile recorded in the photo differs from the Iskander ballistic missile, which is “thicker”. The wreckage shows that it has been hit with a penetration, which allows us to estimate the thickness of the material necessary to withstand high temperatures during acceleration to hypersonic speed. And also indicated that the interception was quite effective with the destruction of the warhead still in the air.”— writes the publication.

Comparison of the wreckage and the Kinzhal missile from Defense Express. Source: Defence Express

The Air Force Command does not confirm the shooting down of a ballistic missile

The fact that a powerful explosion occurred on the night of April 4 is beyond doubt, since all residents of the capital heard it. However, before that, the Air Force command denied the information that it was caused by the explosion of a ballistic missile. 

In contrast, Defense Express stated that the X-47 “Kinzhal” was hypersonic only in the fantasies of Russians and actually accelerated only in the first section of its trajectory, and it entered the target precisely as a ballistic missile. And the one that shot it down is the new Patriot air defense system. In response to this, the speaker of the Air Force, Yuriy Ihnat, once again stressed that no ballistic missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shot down. 

“I’ve already refuted it a thousand times, you should have seen it yesterday. There was a possibility of use, but no ballistic missiles were recorded. What some heads of military administrations are telling there, they have already been reprimanded for this,” he told reporters on the morning of May 5.

The Air Force Command posted the following eloquent message in connection with the Defense Express statement:

“There will be no comments and inclusions of the speakers of the Air Force today! For additional relevant, operational and reliable information used by the enemy in the war against Ukraine, please contact the following information resources:

We apologize for the inconvenience!”

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